Power, Performance, Prestige.

These are the 3 P's which resonate throughout our company. We are always concerned about the 3 P's and try our best to obtain perfection in any project that we undertake. We constantly try to reengineer our development processes to provide very high degree of quality and standards compliance.

We specialize in Website development, Internet Marketing, Content Management Systems (CMS), Electronic Commerce (e Commerce), Skin development and Custom modules.

RDXdesigns offers a wide range of services including custom skins, application interfaces, web application interfaces, web design, digital press kits and corporate collateral.

How we work

RDXdesigns implements Rapid Application Development for Developing or Customizing a system.

Rapid Application Development or RAD based methods makes the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) phases to get some of the parts of the system developed fast and user friendly.

The Creation is done by using specific techniques and some computer tools such as CASE (computer-aided software engineering) in order to speedup the analyzing procedure, designs, and the implementation phases. One of the possible problem with RAD-based methods is managing the users expectations. But with respect to our methods the requirements of the system are clearly defined. Hence implementing the RAD model for the application life cycle will be perceptible. This model uses an increment software development procedure focusing on a short development cycle that is going to be useful for the projects. RAD model is ‘high speed’ revision of 'linear-sequential' model, where fast creation is done by using components based creation.

how we work

We love building and rebuilding brands. Using colour, fonts and illustration, we brand companies in a way you’ll never forget.
Company CEO