Web Interface

It is also known as Web User Interface or Web UI. It is the development of the User Interface upon which a web application will work. In technical terms, it is the Presentation Tier upon which the Processing Tier and Persistence Tier is added.  
What is our general design process ?
Our  design process works in the following steps:
I. Planning:
In the planning stage, we resolve balancing the company's budget with the required features. Armed with this information, we will submit a proposal to your company outlining the site's goals, cost, and delivery time.     
II. Development:
After acceptance of the proposal, we will make a proof for the site's overall appearance. Once approved, we begin developing the site from top to bottom. We provide updates on the progress of the site & the sections that have been completed or are in progress. Once the site is completed and approved, it will be posted live on the internet at the desired location.
III. Maintenance:
When a client’s site needs to be updated, they have two available choices. If it is a text or simple image update, this can usually be achieved by RDXdesigns® content management soft. If preferred, RDXdesigns® MEDIA will provide these routine updates. If your company needs programming or design changes, we will always be there to service your needs.
The total planning and development process generally takes around 6 to 8 weeks. We can do it much faster, but the most creative work requires more design time.    
What we offer ...
Our web team will work closely with you and your company during every stage of your site's development. We will effectively "map out" your goals for your site and collectively agree on how best to achieve them. Whether e-commerce is your primary objective or you simply want present your services to the world, RDXdesigns® offers a range of solutions for all of your website needs. Define your presence on the internet with a unique presentation.
Web Developers / Interactive Designers with over 6 years of experience, including:
Analysis, design, development, enhancements and maintainer of web applications. Various positions as a Web Designer, Webmaster, Graphic Designer, User Interface Developer, Game Graphic Designer, Image/Brand Development, HTML-Coder, Iconography, Email Campaigns, Search Engine Optimization and Application Developer.
Front and Backend Development, UI, Graphic Design, Web Site Cross-Browser Creation, Logos & Icons. Development experience of new sites with 10000+ web pages/templates.