Content Management System


A Content Management System (CMS) is a software system used for creating dynamic websites where the owner has the power to change the contents of his web-site with minimal or no technocal knowledge. A CMS automates the content development while maintaining the core layout sections like header and footer of the website, intact. It helps in reducing a lot of cost incurred in publishing contents over the website.

RDXdesigns implements Joomla and its signature R-CMS for client's CMS needs.
R-CMS is CMS based on Joomla core with additional features such as page caching, RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, polls, website searching, and language internationalization.





Content Automation
  • RDXdesigns Content Management Solutions eases and automates the processes for creating, managing and publishing content for the Web, giving business users extended control over the management of their Web content.
  • Designed for organizations that need to simplify the management of content to Web sites and portals,
  • RDXdesigns Content Management Solutions enables organizations to cost-effectively increase the value of their interactions with customers, partners, suppliers and employees.
  • RDXdesigns Content Management Solutions can increase return on investment of your enterprise Web applications by providing a comprehensive content management application that can be easily configured to business needs, enabling organizations to quickly deploy and manage Web sites and portals.
  • RDXdesigns© enhances business user productivity with intuitive interfaces for managing the entire lifecycle of content to Web sites and portals.
Role Based system
  • Intuitive and configurable roles-based management console enables business and technical users to manage their content and portal management objectives through one interface.
  • Manage virtually all of your organization's information from an intuitive and configurable roles-based content management console.
  • RDXdesigns Content Management Solutions are built entirely on industry standards, such as PHP,HTML5,CSS3, W3C XML, and Web services, which will enable enterprises to quickly deploy and easily manage highly scalable and reliable Web sites, applications and portals.
Solutions to Fit Your Organization
  • RDXdesigns Content Management Solutions provides a fast, cost effective and powerful solution to create and manage content for your enterprise Intranet, extranet or internet application.