e Commerce

Would you like selling your products & services over the Internet? Sometimes the E-commerce solutions are complicated and they have to be efficient to run your online Web store. It is also known as Electronic Commerce, e-Commerce or ecommerce.
RDXdesigns has the capability to simplify your online Web store so that integration of it with your company will be effortless. Your personalized online store made by RDXdesigns will be very easy to manage and will satisfy all of your Ecommerce needs.
RDXdesigns implements R Commerce and Virtue Mart (Joomla) for all our client's E Commerce needs. It allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort and with no costs, fees, or limitations involved.
RDXdesigns online store will offer you an easy way to customize and setup limitless quantity of categories and products, inventory management, study customer’s buying activities and discover ways to grow and execute Internet marketing on the bases of your customers buying behaviors. We also provide additional E marketing services specially for your Ecommerce website to make your products or services famous over the major search engines online.


About us

Our Ecommerce solution key features -

  • Straightforward to use therefore you'll be able to manage your on-line shop on your own. You’ll be able to add new product, Modify any product pictures or descriptions, and track stock with a couple of clicks.
  • Out of the box solution easy to deploy on low cost low maintenance hosting platform.
  • Provides numerous powerful commerce tools to extend your sales.
  • Provides integrated client info that's automatically managed by the system therefore you do not need to be a IT Geek.
  • Provides client info that automatically captures client purchases and provides you a wide angle read of purchaser behavior, trends and every one of their client interactions along with your web site.
  • Manages all shipping integration with simplicity.
  • Integrates seamlessly with known industry standard payment getaways for on-line transactions. The system additionally keeps all receipts and sales records.
  • extremely versatile which will improve and evolves as your website grows.