Internet Marketing

RDXdesigns is an experienced internet marketing Company.
We help companies to advertise their products or services over the internet via Google, Yahoo, MSN, ASK, AltaVista, Facebook and many more.
But first let’s understand what Internet Marketing is.

In Internet Marketing, Internet is the primary medium, through which you will market your product or services globally or at a targeted geographic location.

How is it different from traditional forms of Marketing
  • In traditional forms of marketing you use TV, telemarketing, physical advertisement banners, etc.. As a part of your campaign.
  • In Internet Marketing, Internet is the only medium of marketing.
  • Your company advertisements are shown on search results of specific keywords on Google, Yahoo search or MSN search.
  • Internet is going to replace every other forms of information and telecommunications mediums.
  • This is not a prediction, It has become a reality, and thus cannot be ignored.
Why is it relevant in today’s world?
  • Nowadays whenever you want to buy something, you would prefer buying it from an online store and have it home delivered, as it is more convenient.
  • Similarly, searching internet for products and services have gained more popularity, as it is convenient  for the customer.
  • Customers also save a great deal of time, searching over the internet. Its very effective as well.
  • Thus if an company or organization is to succeed in this new market, it just cannot ignore this medium anymore.
How does it impact my organization?
  • Companies & organization can make use of this medium to attract this new generation of customers.
  • They can identify search trends and create a better online marketing campaign.
  • They can directly interface with customers, gain feedback and re-engineer their Business processes.
What steps are critical to Internet Marketing?
  1. Perfectly engineered & standards compliant Web-site.
  2. W3C standards compliance 
  3. Web-Page load speed.
  4. Key words and key phrases must have a relevant web-page on the site.
  5. Detailed research and study of keywords, phrases and search patterns.
  6. Identifying your competitors.
  7. Realistic Expectations
Perfectly engineered & standards compliant Web-site.
  • Tag usage
  • Use of H1-H7 tags.
  • Meta tags
W3C standards compliance
  • Search bots from Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask etc.. Tend to better index sites which are more compliant to W3C standards.
  • Pages have better ranking.
Web-Page load speed.
  • If the page takes longer time to load, its rank on search engines reduces.
Key words and key phrases must have a relevant web-page on the site.
  • Identify Keywords & Key-phrases relevant to your companies product or services.
  • Identify the search trends for those keywords and key-phrases.
  • Performs a statistical and geographic study of the patterns.
  • Identify the search trends of users in a particular geographic location.
Detailed research and study of keywords, phrases and search patterns.
  • This is a very important step.
  • How are your competitors marketing over the internet.
  • Identify their “relevancy factor” and “value factor” for the keywords and key-phrases, similar to yours.
  • It also includes geographic relevance factor of both “value factor” and “relevancy factor” over a geographic location which you want to target.
Realistic Expectations
  • If you have a competitor, who has spent a great deal of resources in the form of finance and content development, back links, etc… (then the chances of your relevance for the keywords and key-phrases are less.)
  • Relevance of your presence over the internet is effect by a number of other factors other than finance.